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Everything Suubee has built has been designed around an educational product our traders wish they had earlier in their trading career.

Users will have live access and interaction with traders and their positions. Live trades alerts, portfolio tracking tools, premium subscriptions, webinars and meet up groups.

Suubee will provide a portal to some of the best trading minds in the country. Sign up and become part of the Suubee experience.

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Live Alerts

Receive live notifications when top traders buy and sell their positions.

Only pay for winning trades

Don't pay anything unless the trade is successful.

Free education

Receive free market webinars and participate in trader meet-up groups and discussions.

Portfolio Tracker

Maintain a track record of both your Suubee & personal trades.

Trader transparency

Monitor your favourite traders performance based on our verified performance tracker.

Become an Expert

Join our trading boot camps, mentorship programs and premium market service.

Follow your favourite traders positions in real time

Receive entry, exit and stop loss orders from traders you select to follow, based on their previous performance.

Connect and discuss positions in private forums with traders

Connect and learn how traders manage their position in trade forums.

In-depth stats on each trader's performance

Use Suubee's dashboard statistics to make calculated, real world decisions on which traders to follow.

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